Kolekce Delicate Silk

Delicate Silk

Our luxury Delicate Silk pillowcase will turn your sleeping ritual into an exceptional experience. Pure silk is good for your skin and hair, and its cooling and hypoallergenic properties bring you extra rest. Available in three neutral shades and a one-size measurement of 50 × 70 cm.
78 €
 Kolekce Delicate Silk

Beauty Sleep Guaranteed

Sleeping regularly on a silk pillowcase brings many benefits. This natural fabric does not absorb cosmetic products and never draws moisture from your skin. Silk has anti-wrinkle properties and keeps your skin hydrated and refreshed all night long. Moreover, this smooth fabric adds lustre to your hair, its hypoallergenic and helps with heat regulation during sleep.
 Kolekce Delicate Silk

The Very Best Silk

Mulberry silk is the synonym for top quality silk. Made from 100% natural top-end floss and a meticulously designed weave and floss length, our fabric is smooth yet exceptionally durable.
 Kolekce Delicate Silk

Exceptional Gift Wrap

Gift something truly special! We gift wrap a Delicate Silk purchase in a silk lined and bow-tied gift box. Our gift wrap turns ‘unwrapping’ into a luxury treat in itself!
 Kolekce Delicate Silk

True Comfort

Pick the right groundwork. Fluffy and lightweight pillows covered in pure silk guarantee a luxury experience. The neutral shades of our Delicate Silk pillowcases tone well with all our bed linen collections. An elegant combo of three pillows will achieve a truly luxury hotel-like look for you bed.
 Kolekce Delicate Silk

Care Guide

We recommend washing Delicate Silk pillowcases at a 30 °C gentle care programme setting. To retain the exceptional properties of silk, wash inside out in a delicate laundry mesh bag. Do not tumble dry.
 Kolekce Delicate Silk


Texture (solid dyed) A - grade shiny silk
Material 100% Mulberry Silk
Design smooth satin
Size 50 × 70 cm
Shades White / Light Grey / Beige


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