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Our philosophy


We’re perfectionists, paying meticulous attention to even the smallest detail. We keep a close eye on every stage of the production process from start to finish – every centimetre passes through the hands of our seamstresses. We believe that the key to success is in the human touch. That’s why we sew our products in small workshops, keeping alive both the artisan tradition and personal relationships and thus can guarantee full control over each production stage of our products.


One unique craft production method that we use is the tearing of fabric. The tearing method allows us to maintain the true crosswise grain of the fabric, which prevents seam twisting. Such a distortion is common for yardage that is cut – a technique commonly used in mass production and industrial plants. Despite it being a more demanding process, tearing helps us achieve perfection.


A complex process is hidden behind the making of each new collection. It all begins with a colour design which our Creative Director chooses after hours of thought, stories and inspo. Then comes the fabric choice, which involves not only picking the fabric’s materials but testing and researching them in a team up with the Technical University of Liberec Textiles Faculty.


We’re forever on the lookout for more sustainable and practical solutions, to help you and our planet. We continue to expand our range of eco-friendly fabrics, avoid unnecessary add-ons, like buttons and zippers, and try to minimize our environmental impact as much as possible. At Lejaan, we devote to environmental sustainability.


When selecting suppliers, we pay particular attention to transparency, open innovation approaches and the ability to establish long-term relationships. This combination helps us to constantly push the boundaries and ensure maximum quality of the production process as well as the quality of the products themselves. We like to use local suppliers wherever 
we can, but when we need to source elsewhere, there’s always a logical reason behind this decision.


We make our bed linen in the Czech Republic, as well as our Classic duvets and pillows. Our Goose Down duvets and pillows are also sewn there, but we use down sourced from certified European goose farms, mostly from Poland. Our Comfort fillings are also made in Poland. All bath linen is sewn in Turkey because of the expertise, production capacity and cotton processing that the country offers. Our silk comes from China because the production of silk has a long tradition there and the country also has the best climatic factors for the silk industry.


We strive to select primarily natural and high-quality fabrics from proven sources. Our organic cotton meets organic production standards, so it’s grown without the use of harmful pesticides or chemical substances. Our innovative Tencel™ Lyocell fabric uses wood pulp from renewable sources, less water in the manufacturing process and is biodegradable. The goose down used in our duvet and pillows boasts a high level of quality and is sourced from RDS certified goose farms.


Think we could improve in any way? 
Send us your suggestions to info@lejaan.cz and help us make Lejaan even better!