Kolekce Mum's Kingdom

Mum's Kingdom

Relaxing moments spent gardening inspired our Mum's Kingdom collection. Made from 100% organic cotton and featuring a lighter thread count of 130 GSM, this bedding has an incredible soft feel, it wrinkles less and evokes the joy of seeing seedlings grow.
Ideal set 1 × 155×220 cm / 1 × 80×80 cm classic
115 €
 Kolekce Mum's Kingdom

Hotel-style comfort

Choose the right match. Fluffy, yet light duvets and pillows which you can wrap in the pleasant Mum’s Kingdom Collection. Pillows and their quantity are crucial for a comfy sleep. The well-tested combination of three pillows is ideal for your comfort and support. And for a stylish bedroom, too.
 Kolekce Mum's Kingdom

Pillow styles

Do you want Classic or Oxford style pillows? Classic variant offers pillows with smooth edges while Oxford style features pillows with a decorative border. All of our collections offer both variants in all sizes.
 Kolekce Mum's Kingdom


In addition to conventional duvet sizes, you can also enjoy double and extended-length option. Seven sizes of pillows will be an excellent addition to any duvet, especially if you have set of three pillows in your bed.
 Kolekce Mum's Kingdom

Cover stitching

Duvet covers feature stitching which prevents the duvet from sliding out of the cover. We have replaced the inconvenient buttons or zip fasteners with this elegant and practical detail.
 Kolekce Mum's Kingdom


The Mum’s Kingdom Collection can be washed at up to 60°C. To spiff up your laundry, however, we recommend washing at 40°C. It can be tumble dried.
 Kolekce Mum's Kingdom


Our duvet covers sized 240 × 200 cm and 240 × 220 cm include additional practical ties. These help to keep even large size duvets secure and in place. Hidden inside or left as we made them, these ties never disrupt the overall elegant look of your bed.
 Kolekce Mum's Kingdom

Collection properties

Material 100% organic cotton
Texture Combed, mercerized, organic cotton
Design Smooth satin matt
Weight 130 GSM, TC 300
Shade PANTONE 18-0324 TPG


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