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Wrinkle-Free Bedding Without Having to Iron

Wrinkle-Free Bedding Without Having to Iron

Less time spent ironing means more time to rest and relax! We at Lejaan love to follow this rule so, in most cases, we don’t bother ironing our bed linen at all. But how can one create a wrinkle-free look without using an iron? The secret lies in choosing the ideal bedding material and focusing on the way you dry your sheets. Here’s our tips for crease-free bedding.


Our Old Memories and Flat White collections have more than just the stripes in common. They’re the collections we befittingly classify as our most wrinkle-free bedding. Its fabric combines 80 % of natural cotton with quality synthetic fibre. This subtle blend creates a silky-soft bedding which maintains its wrinkle-free smooth look, even after washing.

“To achieve a wrinkle-free look, its best to let your bedding hang dry freely, without any sharp folds, or to tumble dry it inside out on a gentle, low-heat setting,” recommends Aneta Kořínková, Lejaan’s Customer Care Manager.


Our elegant Flat White fine stripe bedding will turn your bedroom into a luxury hotel! Its creamy white shade offers year-round lightness and by adding small pillows in different colours, you can refresh the look each season.


Our grey-beige smooth stripe Old Memories bedding collection is one of our best-sellers. You can't help but love this bedding for its minimalistic design and soft shade and the fact that it doesn’t need to be ironed prior to bed-making.


TENCEL™ Lyocell in combination with high-quality cotton is our signature fabric for bed linen. Bedding made from these purely natural fibres is exceptionally soft, durable and has excellent thermo-regulating properties. Its sateen weave ensures a smooth feel and means the fabric is more resistant to wrinkles.

We offer quite a few cotton and lyocell blend collections, each in its unique signature shade. For the most silky-smooth look, without the use of an iron, always dry this bedding inside out – on a low-heat setting in the tumble dryer, or hang-dry freely, without any sharp folds. If possible, keep bedlinen away from direct sunlight.


Though treating your bedding with the care it deserves and choosing a wrinkle-less fabric can help achieve a smooth look, a 100% wrinkle-free bed is hard to reach. If a perfectly crisp and smooth look is your priority, then you’ll probably have to use iron after all. However, our lyocell-cotton blend is iron-friendly, so your iron will glide along this fabric effortlessly. Despite having to take out the iron, the end result will definitely be worth it!


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