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Why We Opt for Zipper and Button-Free Bed Linen

Why We Opt for Zipper and Button-Free Bed Linen

Zipper and Button-Free Covers Work! Lejaan’s Bedroom Secret Revealed!

You won’t find buttons, zippers or ties on our duvet covers. Instead of these closures, our bedlinen features the sophisticated style used by hotels and guesthouses. This style makes bedlinen changeover quick and easy, giving you more time to choose the ideal beside table book.


We want you to wake in the morning feeling like you’ve just spent the night in a hotel suite. That's why we've adopted into our bedding collections several proven hotel practices for the ideal restful night's sleep.

Hotels need to uphold the highest standards. Often hundreds of beds need to be changed on a daily basis. Annoying buttons and jammed zippers won’t help with speedy changeover, but an envelope style duvet cover will. It works just as well as other duvet covers, yet it provides greater comfort.


Envelope style covers make bedlinen changeover easy; they perfectly close a duvet inside and hold it in place. Lejaan co-owner, Jan Bartoš, who worked in the hotel bedlinen provider industry for over 18 years, summed up the benefits. “We sew a deep flap inside the cover which not only holds the duvet in place but also helps with speedy changeover.” The absence of zippers and buttons on the fabric means they’ll even withstand hotel style treatment from industrial ironing machines.


Lejaan embraces sustainability. We’re an eco-friendly brand and want to reduce plastic waste as much as possible. That’s why we’ve decided to omit needless plastic closures. Forget frustrations with lost buttons or broken zippers. Envelope style covers will last for many years.

The styles of hotels are our inspiration, not only in their choice of fabrics, designs and shades, but also in their choice of duvet cover styles. The Lejaan envelope style cover features the best of the best in terms of comfort, practicality and appearance. You can rest assured your duvet won’t migrate in the night, yet changeover will be as easy as one, two, three!

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