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Visting Natálie Pažická at Her Home

Visting Natálie Pažická at Her Home


We love to visit homes that tell a story and the one we visited this time around was no exception. At the start of Spring, we were invited to the home of Natália Pažická, a Slovak greenfluencer, listed in Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ and founder of the initiative #everyindividualmatters. She’s lived in many places, including Prague and Amsterdam, however, we visited her at her new apartment in Bratislava. Furnished in a short period of time, Natália’s home reflects her love for practical and aesthetic pieces, but especially the emphasis on eco-friendly interior design materials made to last.  

You’ve spent the last few months creating this ‘new home’ you invited us to. Do you already feel ‘at home’ here?

It was love at first sight. When I first entered into this apartment, I said aloud, “This one is beautiful!” Still, I thought it would take me a while to get used to living in a new place but, instead, I felt at home here instantly. Perhaps it’s because it’s in a new build. The apartment has no history and I like that. It’s like a blank canvas that we can fill with only the things that suit us.

At present, you live between Prague and Bratislava (where we are now). What is the essence of home for you?

My boyfriend is the essence of home. The fact that we’re here for each other. We lived together in a number of apartments in Amsterdam. Whatever the place, it’s my boyfriend that brings the ‘at home’ feeling.

Did you design the interior yourself?

An architect helped us with the design of the apartment’s fundamental parts, like made-to-measure wardrobes and the kitchen. All the rest, like furniture and furnishings, is what I and my boyfriend chose.

What about your partner? Did you always agree on the design of your home or was there something you disagreed on?

We never disagree! And so that’s how it was with this flat, too! (laughing) Naturally and readily, I was in charge of the research and design because that’s what I love to do and he agreed with my suggestions. We’ve been together for almost a decade, so we know well what each of us likes.

Your apartment is full of practical, yet extremely stylish solutions. Your storage spaces are genius. Where did you get your inspiration?

All these practical ideas came from a well-known source – Pinterest. (laughing). I found a lot of inspiration there.

Apparently, you said you would never have a single black thing in your house. Will you tell us why?

I wanted a bright apartment. Any black element, even just one, would stand out too much. We have enough black items in our wardrobes! So, I wanted to avoid black in my home interior and it’s worked out well.

What three words describe your “home”?

Happiness, peace and love.

How often do you change and move things around in your apartment?

We don’t change anything at all - everything that we have and is where it is, went through thorough questing if it's the right piece and if we really need it. For me, sustainability is all about not buying junk. I love every single piece in this apartment and I trust it will serve us long.

Which item here is your most searched and longed for? And which are you most attached to?

I spent quite a long time looking for practically every item. With the sofa, for example, I knew I had to see it and sit on it before we could order it, so we went to Vienna twice for that before we made the final decision. I decided not to buy similar items to the ones I wanted until I came upon the ideal. For example, the vase over there - I spent about six months looking for the right one.

What are your favourite home décor brands? Give us tips!

Definitely the Hay brand. I love their functional design combined with bright colours. Then the Czech brand sosone, which again has beautiful functional design and everything comes from the workshop in Zlín.

What item in your home could you not live without?

The dishwasher. Absolutely. We have an awesome relationship and I often thank it for its existence. (laughing)

Sustainability is one of your core values. Is this reflected in your home?

When we started furnishing the apartment, some dilemmas arose for while - I had never bought so many things and different materials in my life! I wanted our apartment to reflect our true selves. We never bought temporary items that would be replaced with the ‘real thing’ in time. Instead, we preferred being without the item for a while. Quality pieces, timeless design, and most importantly, carefully considering whether we really needed the item or not in the first place. I also tried to address the material itself, but that wasn't possible for everything - and besides, what's the ideal material these days? Everything leaves a footprint, so buying with consideration is the alpha and omega.

Do you have any tried and tested sustainable household tips for our followers?

Give yourself ample decision time before you make a purchase. There’s no need to have everything within 48 hours. We thought long and hard before every purchase – sometimes sleeping on the idea for even a week before deciding it’s truly the item we want and that it will fit in well. However, seeing as I know my buying behavior pretty well now (thanks to years of practicing conscious consumerism), our table, for example, was simply love at first sight. I knew, right away, that it was made for us!

What makes any interior look cozier?

There are people like my mum (hi Mum!) who find our apartment a bit empty - they are used to homes filled with ornaments, statues, magnets, etc. Such little things give them a feeling of ‘home’. But for me, such items are just dust collectors and visual clutter. I needed a clutter-free home, a place where we can work without distractions, as both I and my boyfriend work from home a lot. I think our interior breathes and I feel very calm in it.

Both Natália and her home radiate kindness, positive energy and a sense of stylish design.

Both Natália and her home radiate kindness, positive energy and a sense of stylish design.

What should every home have?

A projector! (laughing) It’s one of the things that serve us really well. I was surprised by how much better it is than a classic TV.

What is your favourite Lejaan product?

Definitely your Colour Melange collection. We have a pale pink sofa and I knew I needed to, firstly, protect it (laughing) and secondly jazz it up with different shades of pink or colour. Finding something that I could throw over the sofa other than a blanket (which wasn’t exactly what I was looking for) seemed difficult until I discovered your products.

And what other Lejaan product is on your Wishlist?

At present, from Lejaan, I have everything I need. We own (some would say, only) two sets of bedding. When one goes in the wash, we dress the bed in the other. Every single Lejaan item that we own makes us happy and serves us well- we don’t want to accumulate what we don’t need.

If you could choose a made-to-measure Lejaan product, what would it be?

A blanket. I think a blanket is the last thing we would like to get for the apartment. To this day, I haven’t come across one that meets all my requirements.

Natália’s home reflects not only herself but also her passion for sustainability.

Natália’s home reflects not only herself, but also her passion for sustainability.

My favourite ritual is….

having breakfast with my boyfriend. He’s the one that makes breakfast in the morning and we always have it together. He gets up before me, makes breakfast, and then wakes me so we can have breakfast together.

My favourite place in the apartment is…

well, that changes. At present, every time I walk into the bathroom, I say how much I like it. (laughing)

My favourite home décor items are…

a painting by Viktor Frešo and the newest addition by Míša Červená.

When at home, I most like to wear…

Old ‘home-wear’ pieces. I hate throwing out clothes so some items are even 12 years old.

When someone visits for the first time, they’re most surprised by…

we always prepare food, a dessert, and homemade Kombucha. I’m a foodie and love to enjoy it with people I like.

“I love every single piece in this apartment and I trust it will serve us long.”

“I love every single piece in this apartment and I trust it will serve us long.”

Which do you prefer – shower or bath?


Are you an early bird or a night owl?

A night owl.

Would you rather sleep under a million stars or in a luxury hotel?

I’m scared of ticks, so a hotel. (laughing) But I most like Airbnb and or sleeping over at someone’s home.

Do you prefer vintage or new things?

Oh, oh! I like a bit of both.

Are you more of a minimalist or a maximalist?

A minimalist.

Do you prefer perfect order or creative chaos?

I’m the chaos, but I try for perfect order.

Do you prefer a night in bed or a night out partying?

Both have their magic.

Do you prefer coffee or tea in the morning?


Do you prefer monotone bed-making or mix & match?

Visually I like the Mix & Match style, but for practical reasons, I go for monotone.


Beige Wooden Essence Bed Linen

Beige Wooden Essence Bedsheet

Brown Monochrome Melange Blanket

Brown Monochrome Melange Cushion Cover

Yellow Knitted Colour Melange Blanket

Yellow Colour Melange Cushion Cover

Red Knitted Colour Melange Blanket

Red Colour Melange Cushion Cover

Beige Gentle Organic Towels

Brown Gentle Organic Towels

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