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Visiting PG Foodies at Their Home

Visiting PG Foodies at Their Home


Starting out as food bloggers, they now also run a renowned Prague café, a newly opened bistro, and live many a dream come true. Petr and Gábi, food lovers who went ahead and turned their passion into something our own taste buds can enjoy. They’re the founders of Etapa PG Foodies and Šodó. We talked to them about their home, how it’s changed since the arrival of their daughter and got a few tips for must-have cookbooks.

Your apartment is beautiful. Will you let us in on how you found it?

I’m sure this will come as a surprise, but we actually found it on the website Bazoš!

How long did it take before you really felt ‘at home’ here?

The apartment underwent a full reconstruction which was challenging and took about a year. As soon as we got gas to the cooker, we brought over a mattress and instantly felt ‘at home’.

What makes a home?

Plants, books, delicious food smells and shoes lying around.

And what is the smell of home?

Our home smells of our dog Jonáš

Got any tips for us for favourite interior fragrances or candles?

I love strong perfumes and most often rebuy items from P.F. Candle Co, both candles and incense.

What room do you spend the most time in?

In the living room area that’s joint with the kitchen. It’s large, airy and has the most daylight.

The kitchen with a dining area and living room creates a cozy space filled with wood, plants, and books.

The kitchen with a dining area and living room creates a cozy space filled with wood, plants, and books.

What three words describe your “home”?

Cosy, chaotic, yet airy.

How often do you change and move things around in your apartment?

Really often. We love changes. We swap around something every month so our apartment is always on the move.

Which item in your apartment is the most searched and longed for?

Our oak bed. Beautiful clean design from our beloved brand BUDU.

Did you make anything in this apartment yourselves?

Just a few drawings. And Petr’s Mum sewed the tent over Beatka’s bed.

How did your home change after the birth of Beátka?

It became more colourful. We suddenly needed to have more colours around, ones that our lively and evoke playfulness and fun.

The children's room is Gábi's favorite place.

The children's room is Gábi's favorite place.

What makes any place look cosier?

A plant, a beautiful lamp with the right shade bulb and a soft blanket.

And what should every home have?

That’s a hard question. A good quality mattress and quality bed linen seeing as we spend about a ⅓ of our lives in bed.

What feelings does a freshly made bed evoke?

Childhood. When my mum tucked me into a cold duvet. And also summers at my Grandmother’s place.

Do you own loads of cookbooks? What three are the absolute must-haves?

  • Anna Jones – One: Pot, Pan, Planet: A Greener Way to Cook for You and Your Family
  • Ottolenghi – Simple: A Cookbook
  • Mimi Thorisson – French Country Cooking

What is your favourite Lejaan product?

Your TENCEL Lyocell cotton blend bed linen. It’s love at first touch!

Any Lejaan item you’d like us to add to our range?

Bed linen spray fragrances. And also monotone tablecloths.

My favourite ritual is….

relaxing in the bath with a book.

My favourite place in the home is…

Beatka’s room.

My favourite home décor products are…

candles, pictures and decorative cushions.

When at home, I most like to wear…

T-shirt and joggers.

When someone visits for the first time, they’re most surprised by…

how we joined the kitchen, the living room and the hallway into one space which feels airy.


Which do you prefer – shower or bath?


Are you an early bird or night owl?

A night owl.

Would you rather sleep under a million stars or in a luxury hotel?

Under a million stars.

Do you prefer vintage or new things?

Depends on what the item is.

Are you more of a minimalist or a maximalist?

On my way to becoming a minimalist.

Do you prefer perfect order or creative chaos?

Defo, 100%, creative chaos. Always and everywhere. (laughing)

Do you prefer a night in bed or a night out partying?

In bed.

Do you prefer coffee or tea in the morning?

Tea at 6 am and then coffee at 9 am.

Do you prefer monotone bed-making or Mix & Match?

Mix & Match.


Grey Monochrome Melange Cushion Cover

Grey Monochrome Melange Blanket

White Quiet Jungle Pillowcase

White Quiet Jungle Bedsheet

Grey-Beige Old Memories Bed Linen

Dark Grey Honest Cotton Towel

Kids Green Jane's Weekend Bed Linen

Kids Green Jane's Weekend Bedsheet

Kids Flat White Pillowcase

Yellow Colour Melange Cushion Cover

Yellow Colour Melange Blanket

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