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Visiting Lucie Minářové at Her Home

Visiting Lucie Minářové at Her Home


Podcaster, fitness coach, influencer, youtuber.... Lucie Minářová has many passions, faces, and roles, but today we met her being her most natural self. At home with her dog Olivia, in the purist of interiors with just a hint of colour and a huge dose of comfort.

Come take a look inside and discover what it is that makes smiley Lucie feel at “home”.

What made you first fall in love with this apartment?

Mainly, the balcony, the large kitchen and the benefits of town life at hand, whilst feeling you’re living out in the countryside. The views from the windows are all greenery and I feel inner peace here.

How do you personalize a rented space?

With furniture, home décor, and my favourite ‘zones’ for work, rest, and regeneration.

What makes a home?

First off, I’d say my dog Olivia. But it’s definitely a feeling of coziness that I create with the help of lights, candles, fragrances, blankets and so on.

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“I like quality made things, that I then look after well”

“I like quality made things, that I then look after well”

And what is the smell of home?

Like fresh laundry or a freshly baked caked, that’s just come out of the oven!

Got any tips for us for favourite interior fragrances or candles?

I love aroma diffusers and the one I have is from Seasons. It works by extracting the essential oil without the need for water. I love to play around with different fragrances and I have a lot of them at home. I usually switch on a citrus fragrance in the morning (blood orange, tangerine, etc.) and in the evening, I prefer lavender or some kind of relaxing aroma.

Which room do you spend the most time in?

In the bedroom, at least 7-8 hours every day! (laughing)

What three words describe your apartment?

Calm, friendly and clean – usually (laughing) and not only in tidiness but also how its furnished.

How often do you change and move things around?

I don’t move around with furniture much, I feel as though everything is where it should be, and I’m happy with where it is. But once or twice a year, I need to change something here. From how I organise my grocery in the kitchen to a change in some corner. The last time I changed something was when I got rid of my armchair and turned the area into my ‘regeneration zone’ ideal for meditation, exercise and enough room for a panel of red light in the future.

Which item in your apartment is the most searched and longed for?

Definitely the sofa! Finding a nice, reasonably priced one was an extreme challenge. I had to step down a little from my high demands in the end. But one day, I’m sure I’ll get my dream come true one!

Did you make anything in this apartment yourself?

No, I don’t think anyone would want to see a thing like that. Not me anyway! (laughing) But I plan to make my own coffee cups!

What should every home have?

Gentle lighting, candles and lots of pillows.

What feelings does a freshly made bed evoke?

A flowering meadow. Or a fluffy cloud. I absolutely love freshly made beds in crisp, clean sheets!

Guess what Lucie’s favourite colour is? It’s pretty clear to us!

Guess what Lucie’s favourite colour is? It’s pretty clear to us!

What new product could Lejaan add to its range?

A warm blanket! One of those super soft ones that you want to snuggle into, whilst drinking hot chocolate.

We fell in love with your flatmate, Olivia, instantly. Which is her favourite place in the apartment?

Definitely, the balcony. Whenever I open the door to the balcony, she’s out there and can stay there all day. She’ll sleep in the sun, watch cars going past, people at the bus stop or smell my potted herbs

Olivia is what makes Lucie feel ‘at home’. This doesn’t surprise us, as such a friendly and cuddly pet is great company.

Olivia is what makes Lucie feel ‘at home’. This doesn’t surprise us, as such a friendly and cuddly pet is great company.

Do you have a favourite ritual?

I have loads of them. And I love them all the same, otherwise, I wouldn’t bother with them. My list of rituals now only holds ones that make sense to me and I enjoy, ones I can keep to long-term. To be specific: a cold shower in the morning, a gratitude list, having coffee on the balcony and skincare every morning and evening.

My favourite place in the home is…

probably the kitchen and the balcony!

My favourite home décor is…

fluffy towels, pillows, and vases with fresh flowers and small lamps.

When at home, I most like to wear…

the comfiest clothes. In the summer, I like to wear linen dresses and in the winter, oversize matching tracksuit sets!


Which do you prefer – shower or bath?


Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Definitely an early bird and I’ve always basically been one.

Would you rather sleep under a million stars or in a luxury hotel?

Can I choose a bit of both? I love outdoor adventures, the countryside, but after that, I love to take a shower, do my skincare and sleep in the comfiest bed and get room service breakfast in the morning.

Do you prefer vintage or new things?

Probably not the most popular answer, but I like quality-made new things that I then look after well.

Are you more of a minimalist or a maximalist?

I’d say I’m somewhere in-between. But I prefer to have less things, ones that are of quality and more expensive that stay with me for a long time.

Do you prefer perfect order or creative chaos?

Order. I can only be creative in perfect order!

Do you prefer a night in bed or a night out partying?

All the way to bed! (laughing) Ideally into a freshly made, clean sheet, one.

Do you prefer coffee or tea in the morning?

Coffee. Always coffee! (laughing)

Do you prefer monotone bed-making or Mix & Match?

I like simplicity, so monotone.


Blue Knitted Colour Melange Blanket

Blue Knitted Colour Melange Cushion Cover

Grey Blue Afternoon Storm Bed Linen

Grey Blue Afternoon Storm Bedsheet

Off White Frozen Lake Bed Linen

Grey Monochrome Melange Blanket

White Honest White Bathrobe

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