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Sustainability at Lejaan

Sustainability at Lejaan

For us, sustainability is not just a passing current trend, but a true value that seeps into everything we do. Want to know how we contribute towards a more sustainable world? Read on!


All our products are designed with high quality and timeless shades. Lejaan’s Creative Director Jana Hučíková designs each new collection with colour combinations in mind. “We choose shades that tone together well. Though we offer full bedding sets, you can buy duvet and pillow covers separately and simply Mix and Match different pieces.”


Lejaan bedding is made and sewn by Czech seamstresses from natural materials such as certified organic cotton or lyocell (eucalyptus fibre).


We want to reduce plastic waste as much as possible. Forget frustrations with lost buttons or broken zippers! All our covers feature the hotel-inspired envelope-style deep flap closure; which perfectly closes a duvet inside and holds it in place. The absence of zippers and buttons on the fabric means our bedding will last you for many years and also you can rest assured that its fully decomposable.


Another of our steps towards sustainability was the design of our Lejaanka tote bags. They’re made from our fabric offcuts. What would normally be waste material, we’ve turned into practical everyday accessories!


Our packaging is FSC certified, which means the paper we use is made from sustainably managed forests. Our Eco-Friendly Packaging option is 100% recyclable and our boxes are sealed using paper tape.   


All our bedding collections are GOTS certified. In order to be approved by this internationally recognized textile standard, the entire supply chain must meet strict requirements from the first to the last step. The entire process (cultivation, harvesting and dying) prohibits the use of pesticides, heavy metal and other harmful substances.

We perceive sustainability as a way to slow down, reduce waste and to preserve natural resources. We love a green supply chain! We believe our brand can grow and retain value by extending the life cycle of its products, increasing the value of timeless pieces, and minimizing environmental impact.

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