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Spring Breeze for Your Home

Spring Breeze for Your Home

Dress your bed in Spring with Lejaan.

Spring is in the air and refreshing the style of your home to welcome the sun makes all the difference! Here’s a few tips on how to transition your winter décor to soft and delightful Spring moods. Cover lighter duvets in new bed linen. Change bath linen shades. Our Spring inspired tips will refresh your home and mind alike.


Let Spring into your bedroom! Go for quality fabrics and swap dark tones for lighter shades. New bed linen in refreshing shades helps boost energy levels. Don’t be afraid of colour combinations. Dressing just one pillow in a different shade can instantly change the look of your bed!


Now is the time to store your winter duvets and swap them for lighter ones featuring a lower warmth level. Our Classic Lightweight hypoallergenic duvet is safely machine washable and retains its fluffy shape even after washing. These duvets are available in sizes, classic, double-bed and children’s size.


Once a month, and especially after washing, it’s good to fluff your pillows and duvets (ideally outside in the fresh air). Fluffing encourages the individual fibres of the filling to separate and helps your pillows and duvets retain their fluffy shape.


Bring Spring to your bathroom essential! Our hemp towels, soft bath mat and our comfy unisex style bathrobe come in a soothing green shade.


Bring home the joy of a flowering meadow! Our Rebeca's Dream bedding collection, designed by the illustrator Yvety Kroupová, is sure to uplift your little ones bed and bring them sweet dreams. The cotton and eucalyptus fibre blend of this bedding delivers a silky-smooth feel and cloud-like comfort.


Head off to the market for fresh seasonal fruit and veg (or a bunch of spring flowers) with our trendy tote bag featuring practical straps. Our handmade Lejaanka will easily carry your Sunday lunch ingredients, including a bunch of Spring onions!

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