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Quality Bed Linen: The Perfect Gift

Quality Bed Linen: The Perfect Gift

Give your nearest and dearest even more reason to want to get into bed! Soft and quality-made bed linen can make a wonderful (Christmas) gift that will be appreciated every morning, day and night.


Remember those happy moments gardening or the sounds of metal when repairing a broken motor? Gift bed linen that reminds one of relaxing times.

Gardening enthusiasts will love our Mum's Kingdom collection with its seeding plant green shade. Made from eco-friendly grown cotton and featuring a low GSM weight, this bed linen is soft, and breathable. Designed to please even the hard to please, it’s sure to brighten every bedroom.

Looking for a more neutral shade? Our metal grey toned Father's Playground collection suits every interior. Our soft TENCEL™ Lyocell bed linen keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. What’s more, you don’t have to iron it! No wonder it’s our bestseller collection!


Grandparents will fall in love with the timeless design of our Winter Fields collection. Our white, striped, certified cotton bed linen is soft, strong and moisture wicking. It looks and feels like the bed linen one recalls having on fluffy down duvets at the country cottage.

Our Old Memories collection has rightly been given the nickname “Grandpa’s pyjamas.” This greyish-cream, woven stripe bed linen combines tradition and hotel high standards. Made from a cotton and quality synthetic blend fabric means its wrinkle resistant, very pleasant and extra durable.


Toddlers love to have the same bedding as their parents. That’s why all our Kids Bed Linen is available in the same materials and shades as our adult size bedding.

What’s more, we’ve two fun design collections for your little adventurers – Rebeca's Dream and Tobias' Dream. Featuring illustrations by Yveta Kroupová, this bed linen boosts imagination and calls for exciting bedtime storytelling.


Think choosing ideal linen for your dearest other half is a too tricky task? Not sure which collection to go for? As far as material choice goes, go for our signature cotton and TENCEL™ Lyocell blend fabric. It’s exceptionally soft with a luxurious feel (thanks to its sateen weave design) and easy to care for, too! Not sure which shade would suit best? The main shades in you partners wardrobe should give you the best clue.

Those who prefer neutral shades will love our elegant white bed linen Quiet Jungle, whilst pastel shade lovers will be delighted with our vintage pink Never Too Late collection. For those who like something a little more daring, pick more our brick red Grandma's House or our dark grey Deep Secret.

And even if you end up picking bed linen that doesn’t suit your loved one’s taste, don’t despair. Returning and exchanging bed linen at Lejaan, is as easy as one, two, three!


Gentlemen style bedrooms suit dominate monocolour bedding shades. Purchasing a set, compromising of bed linen and bedsheet in solid colour, is a great gift for any young man. Because our bed linen features clever little details, bed-making is easy and the perfect look can be achieved in no time.

You’ll easily put together a monocolour bedding set of bed linen and bedsheet with our Midnight Diving, Fair Play, Quiet Jungle a Deep Secret collections.


The beauty of a newly made bed featuring a cascade of pillows is always amazing. Gift your best friend a gift of Lejaan products.

Oxford style pillowcases, with their decorative border, add elegance to any bed and work best in a set of two or three pillows.

Not sure how to mix and match colours? Try our greyish blue collection Afternoon Storm or our timeless cream shade Wooden Essence as the base colour. Then, complement the pillow cascade with bright white covers and you’re in for the perfect combo!

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