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Mix & Match with Kateřina Kersey

Mix & Match with Kateřina Kersey

After studying interior design in Florence and working for a number of Italian high-end brands, Kateřina Kersey now works as a professional interior designer. We talked to her about her work, her favourite material choices and about colour matching. Kateřina’s apartment near Poděbrady clearly reflects her energetic personality. So, what design did she go for to create the bedroom of her dreams? And what bed linen combinations does she sleep in?

Why did you choose an apartment in Poděbrady?

After returning from my interior design studies in Florence, I worked for a studio in Prague and started looking around for my own place. A few possibilities and opportunities abroad came my way, but it was the spa town Poděbrady (near the capital city), with its calm and revitalising spirit that won me over in the end.

A perfectly harmonious balance of shades and colours.

A perfectly harmonious balance of shades and colours.

What style intentions did you have for this place?

I wanted to create a home full of positive ‘well-being’ vibes for me and my creative spirit. The art of Feng Shui inspired my design, yet I was not dogmatic in its use, always taking into account my own needs and personality. Every part and corner of this apartment serves a particular purpose.

What were your material choices based on?

In general, I love earth tones and they form the foundation no matter what the current trend may be. A home should be all about harmony. I perceive it as a complete whole, a place where one finds refuge, where one can rest and gather inspiration and strength for the days ahead.

Are there any colour matching rules you’d recommend?

The choice of cold and warm shades depends greatly on your personality and the type of person you are. Women generally prefer warmer tones; men go for darker and colder shades. However, it’s the complementary shades that reflect one’s personality or character. Sometimes, uusing only natural tones on the earthy scale will work well. However, I like to add a subtle accent and a slight provocation. I try to incorporate a tone or a colour or a work of art that resonates with the person.

Why did you choose Lejaan bed linen?

That's a funny story... I’m the one who usually recommends products to clients, but with Lejaan it was the other way around. One of my clients asked me to help choose bed linen for her sister-in-law and sent me a link to Lejaan’s website. I really liked Lejaan's presentation, its emphasis on simplicity and purity, as it fitted in with my motto "less is more". Lejaan’s sustainable production, timeless designs and affordable prices (in regard to the supreme quality) all impressed me. And, what’s more, I love to support local Czech companies! So, first I recommended Lejaan to a client, and then I choose Lejaan products for myself.

Your bed displays our Mix & Match in practice! You matched three different bed linen collections. Why did you choose these shades?

In every interior, I like to feature related design elements that work as a connective factor throughout an apartment. It can be something that repeats itself on textures, tiles or textiles... And I applied this idea to my own apartment too. By using slightly bleached oak and matching it with a grey carpet and grey drapes I found a tone-on-tone scheme that works well. To this, I wanted to add a seasonal colour, one that reoccurs many times in my apartment. As you can see, two alternating shades crop up in my flat- turquoise and vintage pink. So, I knew right away which shade of bed linen I would go for. I combined your vintage pink Never Too Late with the fine stripped Old Memories as the two go nicely together. And white is a timeless classic that goes with everything.

Vintage pink shades repeat throughout the apartment.

Vintage pink shades repeat throughout the apartment.

Your bed also features our favourite pillow cascade...

To be honest, I had the pillows there only for decorative purposes at first. I like to make my bed in the mornings, have it looking tidy all day, and then when I go to bed in the evening, I feel like the pillows are invitingly plump and fluffy. So, really, they also boost my inner harmony and relaxation. I like to sleep on the largest pillow (laughter). I use large, low loft pillows and sometimes place a smaller pillow under my head. I use the other pillows whilst reading in bed or when, on special occasions, we have breakfast in bed.

Your choice of shades gives the idea that this is a purely women’s domain…

It’s true that at first glance the apartment may look like it’s delicate, girlish with a breath of contemporary glamor style. However, by changing a few accessories and small pieces of furniture, a masculine touch can easily be added to balance it out.

 “A home should be all about harmony.”

 “A home should be all about harmony.”

You seem like a very energetic person to me. Someone who loves their work and finds stopping for downtime difficult. Do you have a favourite ritual or routine?

Yeah, you’re right (laughter)! I’m not much into routines, but I do need to follow a certain organisational system. So, I do have my daily favourites: hot water and lemon and herbal tea in the mornings, music playing in the background when I’m working and I lighting scented candles in the autumn and the winter. I’m doing my best to add yoga and walks into my everyday work programme. When I have a bit of spare time, I like to do painting, as it’s a form of meditation for me.

What’s important to you when designing an interior?

I approach every one of my projects with the aim to accurately reflect the essence of my client and to help boost peace and positive energy in people’s everyday life.

What design style do you like?

I studied interior design in Florence, which is something that influences my work to this day. Luckily, I worked with a team of talented designers where I got the feeling that anything is possible if you have the motivation. I like to play with different styles and mix them together, like modern with industrial, Scandinavian with glamor elements. I like luxury interior design, but this does not mean I always go for questionable quality and high price products. Certain materials and technical procedures cannot be cheated, but many local carpenters and companies produce excellent quality products for more affordable prices than renowned ‘brands’ from abroad. It depends on what my client wants and expects and what they can afford.


Dva roky žila a študovala interiérový dizajn vo Florencii, následne pracovala niekoľko rokov pre talianske high-end značky s luxusným bytovým vybavením v Prahe. Vo svojom štúdiu sa zaoberá tvorbou profesionálnych návrhov interiérov a bytovým designom. Má rada čistý elegantný štýl s využitím prírodných materiálov, lakovaných prvkov a dômyselne prepracovaných detailov. „V každom interiéri sa snažím preniesť autentickú podstatu, charakter a potreby konkrétneho zadávateľa. Najviac ma teší, keď môžem s klientmi zrealizovať spoločné vízie a vytvárať nadčasové priestory, z ktorých dýcha pozitívna energia.“

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