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Lejaan New Arrivals in 2022

Lejaan New Arrivals in 2022

Grandpa's Atelier

This year has brought the launch of a number of new arrivals; Tencel bedsheets, three new bedding collections (in awesome shades), quick-drying hemp towels and beautiful colour-matching bath mats. Have you got a hold of them all? 


Grandpa’s Atelier bedding is designed to make dreams comes true. Inspired by Grandpa’s art studio, we photographed the collection among paint pots, paint brushes, palette knives, artwork sketches and tubes of paint. Pottery clay hues inspired the brown earth tones of this collection. It’s yet another impressive idea of Lejaan’s Creative Director, Jana Hučíková.


Childhood days spent in the countryside inspired our Grandma’s House collection. Memories of village cottages, thick heavy duvets, scents of straw, and the wonder in collecting warm eggs from the chicken huts! This collection comes in our signature cotton and TENCEL-Lyocell blend fabric and is toned in a comforting brick hue, so it’s sure to please lovers of warm shades and quality materials.


Our proven cotton and Tencel blend fabric, together with a warm grey shade, is what makes Father’s Playground bedding. The tones within Dad's workshop inspired it. We design the shades of our each of our collections ourselves, so here, it’s the colours found in any car mechanic’s workshop.


The most common request received at our Customer Care line was for our range to include dark toned bedsheets. So, we’ve now added them! Our Deep Secret and Midnight Diving bed linen collections now include matching bedsheets. Dress your whole bed in these collections and discover the awesome properties of Lyocell fibres from all sides.


Hemp towels offer superior absorbency and antibacterial properties, so we’re delighted with this new addition to our range. As with all our collections, we designed every little detail ourselves. Apart from offering them in our three classic sizes, we’ve added a smaller guest towel size, which has a practical lower GSM weight.


Our bath mats bring additional spa-like comfort to your home. “I had no idea what a difference a quality-made bath mat could do! Stepping on luxurious softness prior to brushing teeth or after a bath is so pleasing!” explains Dáňa Fráňová Lejaan’s Media Manager.


Another set of new-commers to our range is our Woven Monocolour collection of soft woven throws and comforting cushions. Home décor accessories add cosiness and style. Available in dark grey and beige-grey tones (and best purchased as a Throw and Cushion Cover two-piece set), they’re designed to match our bed linen collections and to look impressive on any bed or sofa.

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