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Lejaan Bestsellers in 2022

Lejaan Bestsellers in 2022

Though the first few days of the New Year have begun, let’s just take a quick last look back at the past year. Want to know which Lejaan favourites decorated bedrooms and bathrooms the most in 2022? Then read on!


Though it feels as fluffy and comfy as down, it’s a down alternative. Pillows and duvets from our Comfort line won your hearts and became our Lejaan bestseller products of 2022.

Does this surprise us? Not at all! As the co-founder of Lejaan, Jan Bartoš, explained, “We guarantee our Comfort All Season are undistinguishable from real down. These duvets and pillows offer indulging comfort and they’re also much easier to clean. They’re machine washable at 60°C.”

Thanks to their innovative filler, these pillows and duvets maintain their fluffy, cloud-like softness. They’re hypoallergenic and feature a smooth natural 100% cotton outer layer.


Our organic cotton bed linen range welcomed a newcomer fabric in 2022. Featuring a low GSM weight but a higher thread count, this fabric is now available in two delightful shades: a calming beige collection Wooden Essence and a soothing green collection Mum's Kingdom.

Words like,

“The new green shade is awesome!”

“Wonderful colour!”

“I absolutely love it!”

poured in when we launched them. And before we could wipe away our tears of joys, our stock of these collections sold out!


Many of our customers swapped hard surface under their feet for luxurious softness with our 100% cotton bath mat. Its high GSM and long-loop terry pampers and warms one’s feet during every bathroom ritual. Have you added one to your home, too?


Our Colour Melange blankets are ever-so versatile and add cosiness to any space. They work as a snuggle blanket on the sofa, as an elegant bed throw or a soft blanket inside baby’s pram.

Our soft knitted lyocell and cotton blend blankets are designed to perfectly tone with our bed linen collections. Together with a matching cushion cover, a Colour Melange set will add texture, playfulness and style to every interior.


Our Father's Playground collection was undeniably the most popular Lejaan product in 2022. This bed linen, in its warm grey shade, suits every bedroom and matches well with all other colours.

Moreover, featuring our signature TENCEL™ Lyocell and cotton blend fabric, this bed linen offers superior softness and has thermo-regulating properties. Ensuring a good night’s sleep last year, it’ll do so again and again in all the upcoming years to come.

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