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Knitted Colour Melange Collection

Knitted Colour Melange Collection

Put away your knitting needles and yarns! We’ve done the knitting for you and made some cosy home favourites! Our Colour Melange knitted blankets and cushion covers come in four shades (red, green, yellow and blue) and brighten even the darkest corner of any home. Thrown over the sofa, added to your baby’s pram or folded in a basket awaiting its occasion our blanket is a must-have!  


The term mélange appeared in the English language as early as the 17th Century. The word originates from the French verb mesler, which means ‘to mix’. Perhaps you’ve heard the word in cafés- ‘melange coffee’, or in geology- ‘a body of mixed rocks.’ However, the word is also used in the textile industry, describing a yarn which combines at least two different fibres. In our Melange Collection, we mixed coloured and white fibres and combined lyocell and cotton.


For an extra cosy look, we’ve designed cushion covers to match our blankets, so they work well as a set. Colour Melange Cushion Covers add cosiness and comfort to any sitting area. Cushions are sized 40×40 cm. For a mix and match effect, all the shades tone together well. Ideally, fill the cushion covers with our same sized Classic High Pillow.


We originally designed our Colour Melange collection for kids’ beds or prams (as an addition to our Lejaan Kids range) however, even though they’re sized just right for your baby and made from materials ideal even for baby’s sensitive skin, they were assigned their own particular section. So that’s why our Colour Melange collection perfectly matches our designer kids bedding collections Tobias’ Dream and Rebecca's Dream. The four shades available in the Colour Melange collection will brighten up any armchair or kids’ room.


We design the shades and the materials of all our products ourselves, so all Lejaan products are not just practical pieces, but original home accessories. Our priority for the knitted collection was to design cosy and soft items for your utmost comfort. That’s why we chose the perfect blend of 67% lyocell and 33% cotton. The blankets can also be used to as an extra layer on coloured bedding to protect it from the damages of direct sunlight.


Green knitted blanket Colour Melange

Green knitted cushion Colour Melange

Lejaan kids bedlinen Quiet Jungle

Yellow knitted cushion Colour Melange

Red knitted cushion Colour Melange

Blue knitted cushion Colour Melange

Blue knitted blanket Colour Melange

Lejaan kids bedlinen Tobias' Dream


Our Workshop & Showroom in Liberec is now open to the public! Simply book a date for a Private Shopping Tour and get tips from our experienced Lejaan experts! 

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