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Introducing Our New Shades of 100% Cotton Bed Linen and Bedsheets

Introducing Our New Shades of 100% Cotton Bed Linen and Bedsheets

Discover the three new shades of our high-quality certified cotton bed linen and bedsheets- lush dark green, playful reddish-pink and gentle light grey.

100% Cotton Bed Linen and Bedsheets

Cotton bedding is durable and low maintenance, which is why it’s our best-seller. Cotton fabric is also breathable, has hypoallergenic properties and is pleasantly soft to the touch.

Renaissance Affair Collection

Our lush dark green Renaissance Affair collection was inspired by the clothes of the rich and powerful during the Renaissance period. This rich hue, representing sophistication, luxury and courtly intrigues, looks immensely elegant in any interior. Industrial-style interiors with dark wood and black metal complement this shade perfectly.

Japanese Spirit Collection

Our Japanese Spirit collection with its playful reddish-pink shade imitates the typical colour of Japanese maple leaves. This colour, featured in flowering ornamental gardens, is distinctive and adds sophistication to the bedroom thanks to the merge of two tones. It looks awesome in interiors with shades of warm or light wood and minimalist accessories as these emphasise the rich hue of this bed linen.

Foggy Evening Collection

For those who prefer neutral tones, we’re introducing our cotton Foggy Evening collection. This light grey shade reminds one of foggy, drizzly days and stands out best when matched to varnished furniture or various types of metal.

Three New Bedsheet Shades

To let you indulge in our new bed linen colours, we’ve decided to add these three new shades to our bedsheet range, too. Will you go for the tried and tested monochrome look or fall for our playful Mix & Match method?

Available in Adult and Kids Sizes

Want to refresh your kids’ room with these shades? Our bed linen and bedsheets are also available in kids sizes.

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