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10 years ago, Veronika Fendrych Franková created a fashion blog and today she owns, a clothes and accessories e-shop. Come look inside her stylish home! Veronika loves interior fragrances, Lanzarote island and furniture that tells a story.

Do you have a favourite ritual?

My every Saturday starts in the bathroom with a mud mask. I put on my Lejaan bathrobe, apply a face mask, make myself a coffee and simply enjoy the weekend (because there’s never time for doing just that during the week)! That's my little weekend ritual. I put on my spooky face, do some facial steaming and thus treat myself to a facial spa at home!

What makes a house a home?

The people who live in it. That’s obvious.

A dreadful thought but… what things would you grab if your apartment was on fire?

My armchair (laughing)! No, definitely my ID and important legal documents, my favourite handbag and probably my laptop with all my saved photos that bring back memories. But I do hope I never get into such a situation. I guess I wouldn’t even know what to grab first!

What should every home have?

I love interior fragrances. They create the feeling of home and get imprinted in one’s memory. As soon as you step in, you know you’re home. So, I think, every home should have interior fragrances that spread throughout the home and blend into each other in each room.

Any interior fragrance tip you’d like to give us?

At present, I’m really into home perfumes by Trudon and Diptyque.

Which is your favourite place in your home?

My office. Because of my Camaleonda armchair from Maria Bellini. It’s my dream lounger! It took me ages for that dream to come true!

Where do you look for home interior design ideas?

I find inspiration everywhere; in fashion and in design. Understandably, I like minimalism, but I like my home to feature items that are someway related to say surfing or places we love. For example, we have pottery from a friend of ours from Lanzarote who decorated it with seashell and sand imprints. So, my accessories always represent a particular place where we have been on our travels.

So your home tells your life story and is constantly renewed with fresh items you bring into it.

Absolutely, especially the iconic pieces. For example, the Wassila armchair by Marcel Breuer from the 1970s is one we restored. Though you can buy its brand new version, we wanted the original B3 model by Gavina. But it took us almost a year looking for it before we finally found one in Budapest! Sometimes, you just can’t have the things you want right away, but if you wait long enough, they appear by themselves.

What makes a home look cosier?

Definitely, accessories. I love vases, pillows, blankets, that's for sure. In my own home, it's the items that I’ve brought back from my travels reminding me of a specific situation or beautiful moments.

Veronika in her iconic Wassily armchair.

Veronika in her iconic Wassily armchair.

What is your favourite Lejaan product?

My first purchase was Quiet Jungle, so it’s definitely this bed linen collection. It’s absoultely perfect. I also love your throw blankets. I use them on the balcony in the evening or when we have breakfast and coffee there.

If you could own a made-to-measure Lejaan product THAT WE DON'T HAVE ON OFFER YET, what would it be?

Maybe you could offer fragrances. To add fragrance to blankets or cushions.


Do you prefer new or second-hand pieces?

Second-hand treasures.

Which do you prefer in bed-reading a book or watching Netflix?

Reading a book.

Are you an early bird or night owl?

Since reaching age thirty, an early bird (laughing).

Which do you prefer- a long soak in the bath or a quick shower?

A quick shower.

Which do you prefer – one pillow or a cascade of pillows?

A cascade of pillows.


Vintage Pink Never Too Late Bed Linen

White One More Song Bed Linen

Quiet Jungle white bedsheet

Woven Monocolour Blanket

Woven Monocolour Cushion

Sensitive White Towels

Calm Grey Towels

Honest White Bathrobe

Shy Grey Bathrobe

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