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Interview with Teri Hodanová at Her Home

Interview with Teri Hodanová at Her Home


A psychology student and the creator of podcast Aura, Teri Hodanová lives with her female dog named Delfína. It’s Monday morning, we’re in Teri’s spacious apartment in Prague’s Letná district, talking about what makes a home and what her favourite home accessories are.

Finish the sentence: Home is where...?

...where Fína is.

Do you have a favourite ritual?

I love rituals! I like to light scented candles, burn, pala santa incense sticks and just enjoy the moment.

What would you grab if your apartment was on fire…

Primarily Fína and my marble table.

Which is your favourite place in your home?

It’s definitely the kitchen, slash, dining area. It’s the brightest and most spacious place and I do practically everything here. I work, cook and eat here, but mainly, it’s my chill out zone.

Seeing as you mentioned cooking, what do you like to serve guests?

I love baking, mainly fruit sponge cakes. I love sharing food with my friends. I buy a whole lot of goodies and then just enjoy the fact that we’re spending time together.

What is your favourite Lejaan product?

It’s definitely Lejaan bedding. Quiet Jungle- white, smooth and beautiful.

Any styling tips to make your home look amazing?

I don’t have a styling hack as such, but my flat has lots of secret inviting spots and delightful accessories. You’ll find healthy bites and interesting things to look at all over the place– books, photographs, souvenirs, pebbles, dried flowers and home fragrance decor. I couldn’t live without these small home accessories.   

What should every home have?

Everyone should have something that defines them, something that they like to be surrounded with. It took me a while to discover what that thing was for me- not just copying what other people had, but things I truly liked myself. I need flowers in my home. I mean fresh flowers, not plants, because they never survive (except for my ficus plant, which I’ve had for an unbelievable four years).

If you could make a made-to-measure product, what would it be?

It would definitely be a carpet, because I don’t have one yet and I know what kind I’d like. And various stools and armchairs, because you can never have enough of them.

What’s the smell of home?

Like loads of santal wood, that’s my number one. I also love essential oils of all sorts; I pick different ones depending on the season. And then obviously scented candles. I choose Czech and Slovak ones along with classic candles like Byredo.

What’s your favourite loungewear?

I love shorts. I have about twenty loungewear shorts which I wear outdoors too, and then, also, leggings.

What items do you purchase and adapt to complement your style?

I like vintage things. I think my home has a bit of both worlds, some cheaper stuff, and some more expensive items. I have second hand and even third hand things in my home. 


Which do you prefer- shower or bath?

The shower often wins, but a bath is my winter treat.

Are you an early bird or night owl?

An early bird!

Would you rather sleep under a million stars or in a luxury hotel?

Sleeping under a million stars is the greatest luxury.

Do you prefer vintage or modern?


Are you more of a minimalist or a maximalist?

I’m a minimal maximalist!

Do you prefer perfect order or creative chaos?

I prefer order, but my whole life is one big creative chaos!


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