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Interview with Kateřina Pavlíček at Her Home

Interview with Kateřina Pavlíček at Her Home


Come visit the Pavlíček’s family home! Kateřina is a reputable influencer as the inspirational mother of two beautiful daughters called Žofie and Nora. Apart from taking care of her kids, Kateřina also looks after her small business Babybeams. The brand that makes original baby loungers and other baby essentials. Her products fuse high quality, handmade craftsmanship and love, which is exactly what we at Lejaan adore!

Follow Katerina’s work and inspirational motherhood on Instagram @katerina_pavlicek.

Do you have a personal ritual?

Since having two children, I promised myself I would never spend the evenings tidying (mainly doing the washing up). So now, my daily ritual is to tidy the kitchen before breakfast. Thus, each of our days starts with a ‘clean anew’. I function much better in a tidy space. Oh, and I also need to have the bed made!

Which is your favourite place in your home?

I recently joked on Instagram, that my favourite place is the toilet. It’s the place where you’re guaranteed a few minutes peace each day! But otherwise, I think my favourite place is the children’s room or our living room (which serves as another kids’ room most of the time).

What are your favourite home accessories?

I must admit I’m not a great fan of accessories, or ‘dust collecting objects,’ but I love our Qubus vase and our mirror Pond from Ferm Living.

And what’s your favourite Lejaan product?

The Flat White bed linen! I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud each night!

What’s the smell of home?

The smell of nut cake and freshly ground coffee. And in the summer, it’s the smell of sun lotion which I apply on my daughters.

Hypothetically speaking, what three things would you grab if your apartment was on fire…

Photographs, coffee maker and laptop. I’m a practical woman.

What child-friendly home styling changes did you make?

We chose a dark-coloured sofa -which wasn’t our first choice. (laughing)

Which room is the favourite playroom in your home?

We alternate between the children’s room and the living room, even though you’ll find toys lying around in every corner of our apartment. We often play hide and seek throughout the whole flat.

Do your daughters sleep in Lejaan bed linen?

Yes, my eldest daughter Žofie, loves her Rebeca's Dream bed linen.

What styles matches your aesthetic?

In recent years, I've come to love minimalism mixed with aesthetic products for children and kids-made craft things. I like the fact that our living room includes the Stapelstein balance boards, the wooden animal toys and a cool play mat. Our apartment belongs to all of us and I don't want to limit the “children's area” to just their room. We also plan to frame some drawings our eldest daughter did.

What Lejaan product would be your dream come true?

The Woven Monocolour Bed Throw. It looks wonderful thrown over the bed, but also serves as a cosy snuggle blanket to snuggle while watching television.

What should every home have?

A quality pillow, pleasant-feel bed linen and freshly ground coffee.

Where do you look for home interior design ideas?

On Instagram. It’s the fastest infinite well of inspirations.

Do you have interior design rules that you stick to?

Unfortunately, no, not at this moment. All the rules in our home are forever being broken, for nobody respects my rules! (laughing)

Any styling tips to make your home look amazing?

Have a kitchen island with bar stools! For us, it’s the place where everything happens. We eat here, we work here, we cook here and it’s where we chat with friends. The other item I’m grateful for is the bench in the hallways with its rounded edge. It’s safe for the girls and aesthetically pleasing for us.

Give us three tips to make one’s home look cosier.

Place a throw over your sofa, use home scents, and have flowers and plants in your home.

What do you like to eat in bed?

With our Flat White bed linen, no-one is allowed to eat anything in our bed!

Who was your latest guest and what food did you serve them?

My friends with children are my most frequent guests, so I usually serve up lots of fruit and vegetables, sweet and savoury pancakes and other little nibbles.

What’s your ultimate guest food?

Danish pastry from LaForme!

What’s your favourite loungewear?

A loose dress or leggings and a shirt.


Which do you prefer - shower or bath?

A bath in the winter, a shower in the summer.

Are you an early bird or night owl?

An involuntary early bird.

Would you rather sleep under a million stars or in a luxury hotel?

In a luxury hotel, I’m afraid of insects.

Do you prefer vintage or modern?

Both. I’m nostalgic but I also like new things.

Are you more of a minimalist or a maximalist?

Argh, that’s a hard one! I wish I was a minimalist, but in reality, I’m a maximalist at heart.

Do you prefer perfect order or creative chaos?

Creative chaos, but when I have a caffeine rush, perfect order takes its place

Would you rather an adventure in a duvet hideout or read fairy tales under a blanket?

Read fairy tales in bed!


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Beige Bed Throw Woven Monocolour

Beige Cushion Woven Monocolour

Grey Confident Hemp Towels

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Pure White Serious Cotton Bath Mat

Red Blanket Colour Melange

Red Cushion Colour Melange

Pink Kids Bed Linen Rebeca's Dream

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