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How to Mix & Match your bedroom

How to Mix & Match your bedroom

Just like quality ingredients precede a perfect meal, a well-chosen combo of materials, patterns and colours precede a perfectly made bed. That’s why we design all our collections with colour combinations in mind, to make sure all the tones go together well. We talked to Lejaan’s Creative Director, Jana Hučíková, about the Mix & Match options and asked her for tips on what would suit your home interior the best.

Remember, the imagination knows no bounds, so there’s no right or wrong combo. If you yourself like it, then it’s a sure bet. However, if you do have doubts, consider the following basic questions:


Do you prefer TENCEL™ Lyocell, organic cotton or a stronger cotton and synthetic fibre blend material? By picking a particular fabric, you’ll reduce your options. Though different fabrics can be combined, mixing them does have a downside.

“Each fabric has its own particular breathability and thermo-regulating properties, so if you choose to combine a fine a cotton sateen pillow cover with a thick polyester duvet cover each of the covers will behave differently during your sleep”, says Jana. Obviously, you can dress your bed in different textures, but when choosing covers for sleep, I suggest sticking to one fabric type.

Our Tip for a Bed Linen Set: Grandma's House & Grandpa's Atelier

“An earthy tone combo will enliven and add playfulness to any interior. Thanks to our soft shades, even distinctive colour differences work pleasantly together.”


When choosing colours for the bedroom, it’s good to keep in mind that this is a place of rest, a place where your body and mind reenergise. “I always recommend to go for soothing, soft tones. Though a colourful accessory can brighten the bed, it must be chosen with care otherwise it can turn into a disturbing element. Dark shaded bed linen works well in rooms with lots of light, but can add to gloomy and depressive moods in poorly lit rooms,” adds Jana.

Our Tip for a Bed Linen Set: Winter Fields & Midnight Diving bed linen along with a knitted Colour Melange blanket and cushion cover.

“A white and blue combo is fresh and youthful looking. I recommend this combo for interiors that want a more relaxed look than the all-white hotel style. It’s a great mix for in-bed reading books or watching Netflix.”

When choosing bed linen, it’s good to avoid aggressive colours (like bright red) and intense patterns. Bed linen takes up quite a lot of space in a bedroom, it’s attention grabbing, and so it sets the overall mood of a room.

You can’t go wrong with white duvet covers and white pillowcases. “White works well everywhere and mixes well with the majority of colour combos,” argues our Creative Director. “It looks wonderful matched to earthy tones and to cold dark colours too! It works well in every interior and with all different materials. Many people are afraid of picking white bed linen, but I think it’s a must-have for every bedroom.”

Our Tip for a Bed Linen Set: Winter Fields & Daily Notes & Fair Play

“This is an example of mixing and matching different textures. Various width white stripes together with the light grey seem like a similar-looking combo, but a closer look at the details, reveals a mix that’s far from boring. This combo is the ideal proof that a bed dressed in white doesn’t have to be just ‘plain and boring’ white.”


Thanks to our configurator, you don’t have to purchase a collection’s full bedding set. Want a few green pillowcases from our Mum's Kingdom collection but a white cover for your duvet? Then there’s nothing stopping you! To bring to life your own personal bed linen set, simply pick the right cover sizes and mix and match to your heart’s content.


At Lejaan we have a soft spot for the details and that’s why we offer two different pillowcase styles: Classic, which feature a smooth, sewn edge and Oxford, with an additional decorative border. Choose either style or combine the two and put together your own personal pillow menu. Remember, the more pillows you have, the more Mix & Match options you have!

Our Tip for a Bed Linen Set: Grandpa's Atelier & Old Memories & Quiet Jungle bed linen and Monochrome Melange blanket.

“Neutral earth tones matched to stripes deliver an elegant and sophisticated look. Eating pizza in bed doesn’t quite seem likely if you’re bed is dressed in this combo. However, reading the news (as in a newspaper) is a more likely scenario!”

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