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Discover the secret of organic cotton

Discover the secret of organic cotton

What you sleep in does matter. That's why all Lejaan bedding is made from premium natural materials, including certified organic cotton. Want to know its advantages over other materials? Or what the ‘organic‘ label really means? Then, read on!


Our organic cotton bedding meets international certifications, which guarantee that the highest ethical and environmental requirements are met throughout every processing stage – from the cotton seeds to the final product.

Let’s explain that a bit more. Our organic cotton is grown from non-GMO seeds without the use of harmful pesticides or chemical substances. It’s been produced in environmentally-friendly facilities that put forth responsible water usage, emission reduction, recycling, and the use of renewable energy sources.

Compliance with the strict standards includes regular testing for the presence of harmful substances by independent organizations.

The labels also require compliance with social criteria. This means, we only work with suppliers that provide socially responsible workplaces which respect freedoms and equality and care for the health and safety of their employees.

Textiles bearing these labels are a better and safer choice for you as well as the environment. Such standards promise a better world and enable everyone to make responsible decisions.


Organic cotton fabric is, in itself, durable and very pleasant to the touch. But, seeing as we at Lejaan design the materials’ makeup ourselves, you’re in for even more benefits!

We design every little detail of our fabrics ourselves: the GSM weight, the thread count, the texture, and the colour. And by doing so, we can determine how a fabric will behave and offer you unique collections each time.

Collections that feature our heavier and stronger organic cotton fabric are the all white Organic Cloud, the light grey Fair Play and the off white Frozen Lake. The fabric of these collections has a higher GSM weight which improves its durability and accentuates its texture, yet its sateen weave ensures a silky-smooth feel.

If you prefer a softer and more lightweight organic cotton fabric, go for our deep green Mum's Kingdom collection or the beige Wooden Essence bedding. The lower GSM weight and lower thread count results in a luxuriously soft fabric, which feels similar to our signature TENCEL™ Lyocell bed linen.

All our bed linen is available in single and double size (standard and long length) as well as cot size.


When we’re asleep, our skin is ever so close to the mattress, so it’s good to protect it with the right fabric. Allergy suffers and people with sensitive skin will much appreciate the softness of our hypoallergenic and chemical-free organic cotton sheets.

Our organic cotton sheets are available in standard single, double, and cot size. Pick your favourite shade: light grey Fair Play or white Organic Cloud.

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