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Advanced Mix & Match Techniques

Advanced Mix & Match Techniques

Want to add some personal style and playfulness to your bedroom interior design? This time around, we talked to our Creative Director, Jana Hučíková, about mixing stripes, oxford and classic style pillowcases as well as mixing more daring colour shades.

All our collections are designed to ensure all the hues work together well and can easily be combined together. The basics of our Mix & Match is explained here. It’s also worth checking out our tips on how to combine materials, sizes and the number of pillows.

But how can one get even more out of Mix & Match? “Though you can’t ever go wrong with the combo white T-shirt and jeans…”, says Lejaan’s Creative Director Jana Hučíková, “…adding a fine necklace, a pin, a head scarf or a pair of neon heels brings such a classic outfit to the next level.”


“When I go for the monotone style, the bed always looks compact, clean and put together. However, this still lets me play with a mix of classic and oxford style pillowcases,” says Jana.

How should classic pillowcases alternate with the oxford, decorative border, ones? “The basic rule I use is to copy the different pillow sizes featured on the bed: Large, medium and small– classic, oxford, classic,” recommends Jana.

“With this trio pillow size setup, I usually use a classic (no border) pillowcase for the largest pillow (otherwise, a huge disproportion would arise between the large and medium-sized pillow). Yet an oxford pillowcase on a medium size pillow adds a decorative touch without overload.”

Our Bedding Set Tip: A pillowcase mix of Classic 70 × 90 cm, Oxford 50 × 70 cm and Classic 60 × 40 cm.


The Lejaan bedsheet range of colours has recently grown and now offers eight different shades. But when should one go for a playful colour and when is it best to stick to classic white bedsheets? “I pick coloured bedsheets whenever I want to add a colour detail to a monochrome interior or when the same colour is already present in an interior and I want to repeat it in the bedroom.”

A coloured bedsheet is another way to enliven a bedmaking look or an interior if you don’t want different shaded pillowcases. “For example, I love how much surprise lifting a white duvet and discovering colour underneath can cause,” adds Jana.

Our Bedding Set Tip: Jane’s Weekend bedsheet together with Quiet Jungle bed linen.

White bedsheets are absolutely versatile. Choose white bedsheets whenever you’re aiming for the elegant style (whether it's the full, pure white look you’re after, or the classic white bedsheet style matched with coloured linen covers).

Bedding Set Tip: For an utterly clean look, choose lyocell-cotton blend Quiet Jungle bed linen.


Mix & Match allows for simple makeovers, expressing one’s personal style, an interior’s design or one’s temperament.

“If you’re aiming for a soft elegant look, then the combo of pink, white and beige always works well. These shades match well because they’re all warm-toned and playback shades of refined materials like wood and marble in an interior,” explains Jana.

Our Bedding Set Tip: Never Too Late, Cosy Sunday and One More Song bed linen.

On the other hand, when the base is built on dark shades, though it may be simple, it always expresses a very clear-cut, personal style.

Our Bedding Set Tip: Bed linen and bedsheet Midnight Diving, together with Frozen Lake bed linen and Monochrome Melange throw blanket.


“I always admire people who can match two different patterns in an outfit. This bedding combo works on the same principle, but requires less courageousness,” says Jana.

Combining different stripe designs adds playfulness to an interior. The two unlikely matches work surprisingly well together and are attention-grabbing at the same time.

Our Bedding Set Tip: Flat White and Daily Notes bed linen.

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