Kolekce Flat White

Flat White Lejaan Kids

A creamy bed linen decorated with delicate stripes. Our high-quality cotton is complemented with synthetic fibre which accords it a number of great properties. It features a soft surface, durability and is easy to maintain.
Ideal set 1×90×130 cm / 1×45×65 cm classic
41 €
 Kolekce Flat White

Family Comfort

Our kids collection is designed to match with yours. The same quality, materials, comfort and colour palette goes for all the family members. No matter if you sleep together or apart, you can dream under the same sheets.
 Kolekce Flat White

Pillow Styles

Will your little ones dream in Classic or Oxford style? The classic pillow is the one with smooth edges while Oxford style features pillows with a chic decorative boarder. You can find both in all our collections.
 Kolekce Flat White

Kid Sizes

Our kids collections cover two sizes. Little dreamers with little beds will enjoy our pillows sized 45 × 65 cm and covers sized 90 × 130 cm. For older kids, pick the extended size of 140 × 200 cm with a pillow size of their own choice.
 Kolekce Flat White

Cover Stitching

Our covers include special stitching which prevents the duvet from sliding out. This feature was specially designed to replace inconvenient buttons or zip fasteners and provide your little ones with comfy sleep.
 Kolekce Flat White


The Flat White collection can be washed at up to 60°C. To spiff up your laundry, however, we recommend washing at 40°C using a detergent for coloured laundry. It can be tumble dried.
 Kolekce Flat White

Collection properties

Material 20% polyester / 80% cotton certified under OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
Texture Combed, mercerized cotton
Design 6/24 mm strips
Weight 150 GSM, TC 250
Shade PANTONE 11-0515 TPG


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