Kolekce Comfort All Season

Comfort All Season Lejaan Kids

The all-year stitched duvets from innovative microfibres are soft, preserve their fluffy shape and are also suitable for those with allergies. The properties of these duvets, with a smooth surface made from 100% cotton, resemble duvets of real feathers.
from 49 € to 118 €
 Kolekce Comfort All Season


The elegant shaped stitching makes the volume and lightness of the duvet 140 × 200 cm stand out. The finely layered filling material, produced without the use of any chemicals for reinforcement, results in a soft surface and a long-lasting fluffy appearance.
 Kolekce Comfort All Season


Lejaan duvets are washable. To ensure the best possible care, we recommend washing them in a liquid washing gel using one-third of the regular amount at 60 °C. Dry cleaning, ironing and bleaching are not desirable.
 Kolekce Comfort All Season

Duvet properties

Filling material 100% microfibre
Outer material 100% cotton
Charakter Anti-allergenic, alternative down
Weight 300 GSM
střední / použití celoroční Medium / use all year round


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