Kolekce Classic All Season

Classic All Season

Our duvets with a high-quality, washable filling material are suitable for use all year round. The environmentally-friendly production of duvets without the use of chemicals ensures long-lasting softness and volume and makes the duvets a great choice for allergy sufferers. Available in classic sizes, double and extended.
from 69 € to 159 €
 Kolekce Classic All Season


The elegant shaped stitching makes the volume and lightness of the duvet stand out. The finely layered filling material, produced without the use of any chemicals for reinforcement, results in a soft surface and a long-lasting fluffy appearance.
 Kolekce Classic All Season


Lejaan duvets are washable. To ensure the best possible care, we recommend washing them in a liquid washing gel using one-third of the regular amount at 95 °C. Dry cleaning, ironing and bleaching are not desirable.
 Kolekce Classic All Season

Duvet properties

Filling material 100% microfiber
Character Anti-allergenic
Weight 400 GSM
Outer material 100% polyester
Warmth Medium / use all year round


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